The program EUREKA on the Czech side was launched


Testing of the fills and their treatment in aerobic fermenter EWA will take place in composting plant AGRO-EKO in Albrechtice.

The aim of the project is to ensure ecologically and economically acceptable ways of disposal of waste from wine and fruit juice processing by the processes of ensiling and composting.

The main part of the project will verify the influence of composts made with the use of waste from wine and fruit juice processing on soil environment, plant growth and development. New composts will be tested in anti erosion protection of the soil and during restoration processes (vineyards, permanent grasslands, road slopes and dumps). The possibilities of good realization of the composts made from waste from wine and fruit juice processing on the market is very probably. Aerobic fermenter EWA will be used to process these problematic wastes.

It can be expected that production costs of the composts from tested wastes will be low because composting in aerobic fermenter EWA allows to shorten and increase the efficiency of organic residues utilization usually directly in their place of origin.

Responsible person for sub-tasks of AGRO-EKO is Mr. Miroslav Hurka (phone: +420 777 723 703).