AGRO-EKO gained an award for merit to Moravian-Silesian Region


Quotation of representative from Development Association for Moravian-Silesian Region to company representatives of AGRO-EKO:,,AGRO-EKO spol. s.r.o. is experienced manufacturing innovative firm which after many years of development put on the market in Europe, Asia and to remote islands in the Pacific ocean their patented and certificated technology of biowaste treatment EWA (Environnmental Waste Assesement) aerobic fermentor. 

Interest in biowaste treatment in European cities (Hungary, France, Scandinavia, Slovakia) and use of biowaste (oil palms) to compost or to make alternative biofuel is dynamically rising (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China). This interest may leed to make new engineering segment in Czech republic, especially in Moravian-Silesian Region - from which most suppliers are from.'' The award assumed Ing. Petr Vanicek, constructer, and patent co-author and manager of service and production Ing. Jindřich Maďa.