AGRO-EKO attends AgraME Trade Fair in Dubai


AGRO-EKO has attended the Dubai AgraME trade show showcasing farming and ecological technologies appropriate for the arid climate of the Emirates, and that address the next level of ecological issues and opportunities in the UAE. Dr. Vaclav Holusa, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer "Like any other large urban centers, the cities of the Emirates are large producers of a wide range of BioWaste, from sludge water to Municipal Biowaste to Biomass from its landscaping. We believe there is an opportunity to process all these streams into sanitized compost for agricultural purposes and urban landscaping. We look forward to extending our experience to this part of the world and test how our technology performs under these harsh conditions". Petr Skrla (Recovery Capital), who represented AGRO-EKO at the trade fair commented: "AgraME provided the opportunity to speak to a number of potential partners, and we have developed promising contacts in the farming area to process animal waste. We have also initiated discussions with the Ministry of Environment and Water concerning a joint research program that focuses on mutually identified priorities. We believe that the leadership of the Emirates has a strong focus on the environment, and that there is a long-term potential in applying AGRO-EKO technology to the challenges".