EWA Aerobic Fermenter in the journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences

In September 2014 was released (under the patronage of the Polish Academy of Sciences) a scientific journal called Infrastructure and Ecology of Rural Areas. It is a scientific journal published by the Commission of the technical infrastructure of Polish rural areas. The journal includes an extensive article on EWA Aerobic Fermenters as part of technological node for biological treatment of mixed municipal waste. 

The article presents EWA Aerobic Fermenters which are part of the node for the biological treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW). In the sorting and processing plant of MIKI Recykling company in Krakow, selected components of MSW will be refined in EWA Fermenters using method of biological drying (biodrying). It is a fraction having a high content of biological components, but also RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels) that is dried in EWA fermenter on values required by cement plants.