Cleaning process

The process of cleaning the air mass in our device is a three-stage with optional use of one to three degrees, depending on the intensity of the smell of the air load cleaned.

1st stage: pre-cleaning

The air load goes through the inlet chamber filled with a fine spray mist created by air jets. Here the air is cooled, washed and condensated, while significant amount of the odorous substances leaves with condensate, thus significantly reducing the odor load of the air entering the second level of treatment - a biofilter.

2nd stage: biofiltration

Pretreatment with the first method significantly reduces the requirement on the biofilter size. Biofilter is constructed as a cartridge biofilter; cartridges with non-absorbent filter filling are placed one above the other in a spreading bathtub, from which the condensate flows into the central condensate outlet. Cartridges are located behind closed doors, thus allowing their easy handling when the filling needs to be changed.

3rd stage: final cleaning

The air rising from the biofilter exits by the reaction chamber, in which it is treated similarly to the first stage, ie by a very fine mist with the addition of certain concentrate, thereby further reducing the odor load of the outgoing air.

Condensate from all three stages of purification is conducted through a single collection pipeline.