Aerobic fermentor EWA


EWA fermentor (Ecological Waste Apparatus) is certified device for processing of biodegradable waste (BDW), including sewage sludge and animal products according to the EU Regulation 1069/2009 EC.

What is unique about EWA?

EWA fermentor is protected by edict, doc. No. 295922. On November 16, 2005 an application was handed in at European Patent Office (EPO) named "The method of conversion of biodegradable hygienically non-stabilized substrate into hygienically stabilized product".

  • Thermal insulation of the fill - CLIMATE CONDITIONS DOES NOT AFFECT THE PROCESS
  • System of turning over the fill - PERFECT RESULTS THANKS TO MIXING OF THE FILL
  • Intensive airing of the fill - CONTROLLED BY PC
  • Software controled hygienization of the fill - REMOTE CONTROL

Aerobic fermentor EWA gained an European certification for animal by-products treatment by regulation EU 1069/2009 and AGRO-EKO is with this technology categorized as a BAT (best available techniques)