Small village, whole region or private company? Don't know how to deal with gastro waste, sludge from waste water treatment plants, expired food, animal by-products, agricultural waste...simply...
all biodegradable waste?


First Czech device for bio waste treatment with EU ETV certification

Aerobic fermentor EWA gained an European certification for animal by-products treatment by regulation EU 1069/2009. Verification of hygienization and capacity is published on EU websites and AGRO-EKO is with this technology categorized as a BAT (best available techniques) (CENIA 2010) .

Future is in environmental technologies

AGRO-EKO Ltd. established a long-term cooperation with these institutions:

The National Institute of Public Health Praha
IET, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute
Research Institute for Fodder Crops
Mendel University Brno

Worldwide cooperation

You can find our technology of biodegradable waste treatment almost in the whole world. We penetrated markets in Europe, Asia and even remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.