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AGRO-EKO Ltd. was founded in 1992. The Main business objects of AGRO-EKO Ltd. are above all these areas:

  • Building, technology and other services in the environmental area, where the firm concentrates on technology supply and processing of biologically degradable waste and its further use
  • Preparing of project documentation and studies in environmental, especially for biologically decomposable waste (BDW) treatment
  • Solving of science and research program

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Aerobic fermenter EWA

Technological device for BDW (biologically decomposable waste) processing due to controlled aerobic thermophilic fermentation.


Active biofilter

Compact device for smell reduction due to combination of methods of biofiltration and misting.



Capacity testing OZO Ostrava
In 2017 AGRO-EKO tested capacity of EWA in city composting plant OZO Ostrava.

Ostrava: EWA fermentor was put into operation

Ostrava: EWA fermentor was put into operation
First commercially used device in Moravian Silesian Region was put into operation.

AGRO-EKO get an award for merit to Moravian-Silesian Region
Quotation of representative from Development Association for Moravian-Silesian Region to company representatives of AGRO-EKO:,,AGRO-EKO spol. s.r.o. is experienced manufacturing innovative firm which after many years of development put on the market in Europe, Asia and to remote islands in the Pacific ocean their patented and certificated technology to biowaste treatment EWA (Environnmental Waste Assesement) aerobic fermentor.

1. PART of Czech-Israel government program GESHER/MOST is finally done
The International Cooperation Programme between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel in applied research and experimental development GESHER/MOST is designed to support the participation of Czech companies of all sizes involved in research and development in cooperation with their partner companies in the State of Israel in applied research and/or experimental development projects.

First Czech device for bio waste treatment with EU ETV certification
Aerobic fermentor EWA get an European certification for animal by-products treatment by regulation EU 1069/2009.

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